Premium Phone Call Scam

We have been seeing and hearing various reports lately about scammers who try and make unsuspecting members of the public ring premium phone lines and run up huge phone bills. There are different variations of the scam. Here are a few

1. During the day they drop leaflets in your letter box informing you that a courier called and tried to deliver a package. They give you a number to ring to arrange collection of the package. When you ring you are put on hold and left there forever. You have just rung a premium phone line and are paying premium rates which the scammers collect.

2. They have tried similar on businesses informing them that they were unable to make a delivery and giving the premium phone number.

3. They contact you telling you that you have just won a prize and you have to ring this number to collect. yes you have guessed the rest.

This is a very clever scam and is virtually risk free for the scammer. Keep an eye out for elderly or vulnerable people that they don’t get conned with this nasty scam.

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riko reyes

December 7, 2013 at 2:18 pm

a man called saying I won 25,000.00 the # was 1-855-545=7293 was early in the morning said I had entered some contest. didn`t sound true. thank you


July 15, 2014 at 8:12 pm

man called and told me I had won 50 thousand dollars on my messages, and told me to call a number and all it does is play elevator music and no one ever comes back to talk.

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